Welcome to 2018, did you get in well?

Hello everyone, we created a blog post in December in which we promised you more details, we still have this intention, but we don’t want to show you anything that doesn’t work properly. Please don’t get us wrong, we will show you things that aren’t finished, but they should work properly.

But don’t worry (yes, you single one who reads this!) we haven’t forgotten this blog and are working as hard as we can. Without naming any dates, we hope to be able to make a live stream this month, where we can give you a rough summary of the current status of the game!

We would also like to inform you that we have changed our project a lot (yes, you haven’t heard anything about it yet, but for us it was a big and necessary step!).

Gamedev and especially indie game dev is not an easy patch and we are happy about everyone who will go on this journey with us!

And now there’s another blatant advertisement for our Twitter account @universeplay – write us, we don’t bite!