Say hello to Drift with Friends

Hello and welcome to our Drift with Friends development blog.

This is the first in a (hopefully) series of posts that will follow in the future.

In this first post we want to show you our progress so far and give you a small outlook on the project.

Drift with Friends is a top-down online racing game, featuring fun gamemodes and a level editor to keep you entertained!

We have been working mainly on car physics so far. There are some customization possibilities, with which we are still playing around, here is a small view:

Our goal is to add variations of vehicles to the game later on in order to provide more variation. In addition, it is possible to define surfaces on which (per tyre) the current grip is calculated, so that different environments will influence the vehicle dynamics.

Modifying vehicle physics properties.

If a car had a hard collision, it drops an oil puddle, cars driving over it slide the next few meters much stronger.

Crashing cars leave oilstains behind!

Of course, we have also planned for the future and now give you a small outlook on it:

Planned Stuff:

game modes

There are 6 game modes planned:

  • standard races
  • Elimination
    • After each round, the last player is destroyed and the last remaining player wins.
  • Last Survivor
    • Rockets fall from the sky on the track, upon contact they destroy a player.
    • The last remaining player wins.
  • Battle Royale
    • On the map spawns a crown that the one who keeps the longest within a certain period of time wins.
    • Crown is transferred via collisions.
  • Contact sport
    • If a car collides heavily, oil spills out. This starts to burn after a certain time.
    • a car which is in contact with a burning puddle of oil will be destroyed.
    • Last one to survive wins.
  • Car bomb
    • Cars that stops explodes.
    • Last one to survive wins.

car customization

Cars will be customizable in a cosmetic manner. The Car body will decide which gameplay attributes it will have.

level editor

Yes, there should be. It is planned to run it all in the Steam Workshop so that you can watch and download ingame tracks, create a playlist and play with your friends.



That’s all for now 🙂

We hope you will visit us in the future!

hit us up on twitter @universeplay for anything related!